Caitlyn’s Insider Travel Secrets [How To Travel Europe With Your Dog]

When it comes to insider secrets, L&C only consults the best.  And when it comes to traveling Europe with dogs, Caitlyn is the best.

Based in Valencia, Spain, Caitlyn and her pup Remy are travel veterans. Boasting exotic vacations in places like Asturias, Pompeii, Tuscany, The Amalfi Coast and more —these two have enough passport stamps to make any dog mom travel enthusiast swoon.  So when we decided to look for insider travel secrets, naturally we got the rundown from the pros.

Learn how to travel Europe with your dog with ease

The Best Insider Secrets To Traveling Europe With Your Dog

Q: So tell the L&C Crew a little bit about you and Remy. And tell us how you started your travel adventures.

A: Howdy! We’re Remy and Caitlyn, two native Texans now living in Spain! We moved abroad two years ago and that’s when our dog-friendly travel adventures began! Since moving, we have been able to travel throughout Europe and find dog-friendly places, accommodations, restaurants, and experiences. Along the way we have learned travel tips and tricks and we want to share our best tips!

Visiting Europe with your dog can be easy if you are well-prepared!

Q: Ok so now it’s time to give the people what they came to see! lol Tell us your top 5 travel tips for traveling Europe.

Tip °1

Research! Research! Research! I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to research your destination’s requirements.  Each country is different, so be sure to know what you will need to enter with your dog. If you are traveling from the US to Europe, this is a helpful website: USDA Take Your Pet From The U.S. To A Foreign Country.

Tip °2

Before any travel, always consult with your veterinarian if your dog is fit. They will be able to give you specific details for your dog’s breed!

Tip °3

If you are planning on flying with your dog, begin travel carrier training early. This gives your dog time to familiarize with it and they can begin to create their safe space.

Tip °4

If you are flying with your dog, be sure to pack LIGHT! It’s easier to travel with your luggage and your pup with minimal items. Something to be aware of, train stations/metros in Europe are equipped with stairs and no escalators to be found!

Tip °5

If you plan on traveling to Europe frequently, I recommend getting an EU pet passport. This allows you to enter the EU without having to receive an animal health certificate.

Get an EU Pet Passport to reduce the number of documents you need to carry when traveling Europe with your dog.

Here are some other amazing European travel tips we learned from Caitlyn.

  • EU travel requires your dog to have an ISO-Compliant microchip.  This is a different type of microchip than the type commonly used in the States. So consult your veterinarian early.
  • Consider booking an Airbnb instead of a hotel as many European hotels do not allow dogs to be left alone in the room and some tourist attractions are not pet-friendly. Plus an Airbnb gives your pup a more comfortable, quiet place to relax.
  • Make sure you book the same airline carrier if your trip includes a layover or plane change. Switching airline providers during a trip will result in doubling pet flight fees.
A HUGE thank you to Caitlyn and Remy for chatting with us!  Be sure to visit them @remyaroundtheworld on Instagram for the absolute best dog mom travel photos and secrets! 

Learn how to visit exotic places like Pompeii, Tuscany and The Amalfi Coast with your dog