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A Letter From Lindsey...

I started L&C for a number of reasons, the foremost of which is I am obsessed with my dogs...all three of them.  I’m also obsessed with all of the dogs and the dog mom lifestyle.  

But to be more precise, it was the beginning of quarantine 2020 and I was in lockdown with my two dogs at the time, Coco (the distinguished 15 year old chihuahua pictured above, top left) and Paris (the beautiful, quirky 7 year old yorkie on the top right).  As I perused the social media feeds within the petfluencer space, I felt there was something missing that I could bring to the dog mom community.  I’ve always been obsessed with the editorial powerhouses like VOGUE, ELLE, InStyle Magazine, and Harper’s BAZAAR.  And I felt there was an opportunity to bring that type of avant-garde, highly-curated but fun vibe to the dog mom lifestyle.

From time to time I’d seen the crème de la crème of pupfluencers grace the editorial pages of their columns but I thought myself, Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an actual publication that was dedicated to celebrating dog moms and all of the dogs, but with a bit more chic?’

In the beginning I planned on sharing with other dog moms some of the lessons that Coco taught me over the years.  How to speak fluent BARK.  How to complete proper puppy introductions.  How to create a pet-friendly but stylish space.  But it ended up being more than that.  And when Coco unexpectedly passed away in October 2020, I found that both the blog and the community who came to love L&C as much as I did, helped Paris and I deal with our grief.

So welcome to Lindsey & Coco the dog mom lifestyle blog which vows to keep you and your pooch, well-trained, healthy, and stylish.  If you are looking for dog training 101 then BARK For Dog Moms is the mini blog for you.  If you’re looking for ways to seamlessly mix your style and decor with your pup’s, then STYLE For Dog Moms is your playground.  And when you are ready to concentrate just on you then BABE has all the self-care and beauty tips that you need.

So browse around and make yourself at home.  After all this is where you belong.  We promise to make you laugh, hope we make you dance and will probably make you cry from time to time too.  But through it all, Paris, myself and our newest family members Dylan and Delilah, promise to celebrate you and the best life there is — dog mom life.

Xoxo, Lindsey

 Paris a yorkie Dylan a tan chihuahua and Delilah a black chihuahua pose in their hotel suite at The Kimpton Overland Atlanta Airport


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