12 Stylish Finds Dog Moms Actually Want This Spring

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Okay, we’re totally playing favorites here today.  Spring favorites! The cherry blossoms are finally blooming and National Dog Mom Day (May 8th) is just around the corner.

Your amazing dog mom friends are way too polite to tell you when their Dog Mom Day pressies are...erm um...less than par?

So to save everyone from that awkward moment when a terrible gift is given, I’ve rounded up this list of 12 things dog moms actually WANT this season!  So get your credit card out!

Gifts For Her

Yes, yes I know...”florals for spring....ground-breaking,” in my best Miranda Priestly voice.  But there is a reason why flowery prints show up annually in spring collections the world over; BECAUSE WE FREAKIN LOVE THEM!  

This year though, we are jushing them up a bit with some chic vintage inspiration or a few edgy details.

Flores Verona Crepe Smock Dress 

Crepe Smock Dress From French Connection

Flores Cotton Sleeveless V Neck Dress

Sleeveless V Neck Dress by French Connection

But if your dog mom friend just cannot bring herself to don some flowers, then help her channel some nautical vibes with this simple number.

Tommy Rib High Neck Sleeveless Dress

Tommy Ribbed High Neck Sleeveless Dress By French Connection

For The Dog

If we are going to refresh our wardrobe and our home accessories every season, then there is absolutely no excuse not to include the dog.  Earn yourself some extra tail wags this season with these super cute pet accessories.

Twist Toss Robber Dog Chew Toy

Rubber Chew Toy From maxbone

OUAI Fur Bebé Pet Shampoo

OUAI Fur Bebé Shampoo

GO! Portable Bowls

GO! Portable Bowls

OUAI x maxbone  Plush Toy

OUAI x maxbone Plush Toy

Curly Knit Jumper

Curly Knit Sweater

For The House

Don’t limit your spring refresh of your home to just pillow covers and linens.  Compliment your softer tones and dreamy fabrics with these super cute pet beds. I’m sure you’ll fall so in love with these dog crate and lounger solutions that you’ll want to use them for more than just a single season.

Unwind Lounger in Rose Dust

Unwind Lounger in Dusty Rose

Radius Pet Crate

Radius Pet Crate

Kindtail Pawd Collapsible Dog & Cat Crate in Pink

Kindtail Pawd Collapsible Dog & Cat Crate in Pink

Goetz Wood and Wire Design Medium Pet Crate

 Goetz Wood And Wire Design Medium Dog Crate

So there you have it.  Twelve stylish trends dog moms would love to be gifted this spring.

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