The Best At Home Strength Workouts + Pilates Home Gym Accessories [Plus Our Fave Peloton Instructors + Fitness Focused Dog Moms From Instagram]

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You're cruising through another unpredictable year.  Career goals? Crushing them.  Home design and reorganization goals? Handled.  Puppy housebreaking and all around amazing dog mom awesomeness? Obvi!

Establishing a fitness routine to burn fat and build your strength? Meh…still working on it.  I mean come on, us dog moms are busy!

No worries, girl I got you. Today I’m sharing my newest strength building routine.  That’s right, no cardio today. And no, it doesn’t require long grueling workouts. And yes, it’s effective and a lot of fun.

What Is Barre?

Barre is a low impact strength building workout which blends ballet, yoga and pilates.  All your fitness fan favorites can make an appearance in your barre classes — from free weights, to resistance bands and ankle weights. But at its core, the great thing about barre is all you need is a yoga mat and your body weight.  So you can tone and sculpt long lean muscles while burning deep tissue fat and improving flexibility from literally anywhere.

Rather than focusing on heavy reps or explosive bursts of energy, barre focuses on small, incremental movements, lots of repetition and long positional holds to feel the burn. And trust me, you’re gonna burn.

What is barre and how effective of a home workout is it

Peloton Barre Strength Building Workouts

The nice thing about Peloton Barre workouts is they vary in intensity, length and flow.  Workouts can be as short as 10 minutes — which is great for stackable classes you can mix into your own customized routine — or quick hits when your short on time.

And whether you are feeling more zen, all the pop vibes or looking for a more tropical Caribbean flow, the Peloton Barre classes fit your mood.

Do Barre Workouts Really Work?

I’ve been experimenting with barre classes for about 4 weeks now and here are my observations so far:

1. You will need to do a moderate amount of weekly sessions to see a difference. 

It took incorporating at least 3 to 4 sessions a week before I really started to feel and see changes.

2. It’s fun yet challenging.

If you’re anything like me and not a former dancer, learning the correct form and positional holds is a bit of a challenge.  But my inner little girl instantly felt like I needed to pirouette across the floor when the instructor started calling out ballet positions.

3. You will definitely learn to activate your core and glutes.

That’s because once you get the form down you are literally engaging your core or your buns for the whole workout.

So if you are looking for a different low impact strength building workout to try this winter, I’d definitely recommend you give barre a try!

Peloton Instructor And Instagram Fitness Focused Faves

Check out these follow recommendations for some of my favorite Peloton instructors and fitness focused dog moms on Instagram.  Be sure to follow them all for some serious motivation!


My go-to Peloton Barre Instructor of choice.



A fellow dog mom and another favorite Peloton Instructor who always delivers. 


A fellow dog mom (and people mom lol) who’s home weightlifting gym and routine will leave you speechless. 


The original dog mom who made yoga with your dog totally a thing. 

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