A Blender-Less Juice Detox Cleanse? Revolutionary

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It’s no secret the many benefits of juicing — tasty, nutrient-packed beverages, lots of antioxidants, easy digestion and the overall increased consumption of fruits and veggies. But what may be the little known dirtier side of juicing is…well the expense and the mess. Lots and lots of mess.

It may sound like an win/win for cleanse and detox advocates, but in order to complete a traditional juice detox a girl has to buy a good juicer and a massive amount of fruit. We are talking an obscene amounts of fruit. But never fear because L&C is here with the deets on a no muss, no fuss option. Enter the blender-less juice detox.

Want the benefits of a juice cleanse but without the mess or large expense?  Try a blenderless fruit juice detox!

Last week yours truly, L&C’s blogger-in-chief Lindsey, embarked on a three day juice detox with LemonKind Superfoods; a women-owned, vegan superfood brand out of New York. And to say the experience was enlightening is a vast understatement.

This was by no means my first or longest detox. Your girl has done more than her fair share of cleanses and summer detoxes in her time. But this was definitely the most enjoyable experience; by leaps and bounds in fact.

Want a summer detox that’s easy on your system and revitalizing?  Try a pre-made juice cleanse!

Gone were the hunger pains, the low energy, the cravings and crankiness. The LemonKind pre-made juice servings were satisfying, downright delicious and terribly well-balanced. So well-balanced, in fact, that its morning green tea blend helped this chronic caffeine addict to quit her morning coffee fix cold turkey. 

Now full disclosure, the evening of the first day was a little…spicy. But honestly, it was no where near as jarring as the detox sickness that I’ve experienced with more traditional cleanses. It only lasted for a few hours and felt more like a “girl it’s time to wrap this day up so we can reboot” call to sleep than a detox crash. Plus, the next morning I was good as new and ready to restart the regimen again.

By day three, as I mentioned on IG Stories, my energy levelers were great, I had had two amazing nights of sleep and zero hunger pains. It seemed like every time I felt the hints of hunger pangs it was time for my next juice blend.

In fact, I so enjoyed my experience that I’ve decided to make a 1 to 2 day juice cleanse apart of my weekly routine.
If you’re ready to get on the pre-made juice cleanse bandwagon here are some tips.

If you’re contemplating giving a juice cleanse a go, here are a couple of tips I’d recommend to get the most out of your endeavors:

1. Make sure you chew your juice.

I know it sounds silly, especially since most pre-made juice detoxes don’t have a lot of discernible substance to them. But chewing releases digestive enzymes which helps to improve the digestion process.

Be sure to chew your juice when detoxing to release healthy digestive enzymes.

2. Drink lots and lots of water.

It’s easy to think because you are drinking juice all day, you’ll naturally remain hydrated. But keep in mind that even with low sugar juice detoxes, you may be ingesting more sugar than you normally would. Also water intake also helps with digestion and will help your liver to flush out toxins.  

3. Plan your post-detox meals carefully.

Now while I was not hungry during the detox, I was SUPER excited to chew food again by Thursday. And I could have easily consumed a ravenous amount almost anything on Day 4. But my eyes definitely would have been bigger than my stomach, and quite frankly probably would have made myself very sick. So plan for an easy, non-diary breakfast — perhaps something a little less traditional like homemade vegetable soup or lentil soup. For lunch and or dinner maybe a light, clean protein like salmon and some more veggies.

Plan your post-detox meals ahead of time so you don’t binge eat after your cleanse

As I mentioned, since my LemonKind Superfoods experience (which I highly recommend! You can find them on Instagram here), I’ve elected to repeat my juice cleanse weekly.  Below you’ll find a few additional brands which I’ve also experimented with and enjoyed.

If you do decide to give a blender-less juice detox a go, be sure to come tell me all about it on Instagram!  I just love getting all your DMs and feedback!

And don’t forget to check back here every week on the L&C blog for more tips during these Dog Mom Days Of Summer.  

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