6 Essentials For Dog Mom Homes That Just Make Sense

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Life with dogs is…complicated.

Happily coexisting with our four-legged friends takes time, commitment and dedication…and that’s just to tackle the housebreaking.  If you are as determined as I am to create a comfortable yet stylish home both you and your dogs can enjoy, it takes even longer to strike the right balance.

So today I’m sharing six things in my dog mom apartment that just make sense.  These  essentials helped me create a timeless, pet-friendly yet comfortable home.  Directly from my place to yours.

Clear Pet Gates

Every dog mom knows creating a safe, clean space for our pets is just as much about welcoming them in as it is about keeping them out of spaces.  Whether we are still housebreaking puppies or have a tenacious adult dog who loves to dig through the trash, at times our dogs need to be uninvited from rooms.  We’ve said good-bye to those unsightly pet gates and hello to these gorgeous clear pet dividers.  However, in my opinion these gate solutions work best for small dogs who can’t tip them over.

Flameless Candles

I used to always worry that I’d accidentally leave my dogs at home in the dark.  Whether I forgot to leave the lights on at home or I misjudged my return time, I’d always feel terrible.  But ever since I added there flameless candles from Amazon to my home decor, I never worry.  They come with a remote control and are programmable to turn on at the same time daily.  Plus they add a gorgeous glow to any space.

Decorative Tables for Plants

As a plant mom and a dog mom, it’s my duty to keep everyone safe.  That means not only being aware of dog-safe plants, but also keeping plants safe from the dogs.  I use an assortment of gorgeous accent tables to keep my plants out of reach. 

Washable Rugs

I don’t know how we survived before washable rugs…especially during puppy house-breaking.  But these two-piece systems have been a game changer.  Just peel the decorative cover up and throw it in the wash to handle minor pet stains and accidents.  And if the washable rug route seems a tad too expensive, try using outdoor rugs.  They tend to be easier to clean and have some water repellent properties.

Decor-Friendly Pet Crates

Pet crates have long been a dog owner staple  and while they have their uses, they are super unsightly.  Try my dog mom hack of measuring your crates and then fitting them with appropriately sized upholstered benches.  No muss to fuss.  I linked the exact pet crate sizes and bench which I used.


Automatic Scent Diffusers

If there is one thing I obsess about is making sure my home smells nice. I do NOT want it to smell like dogs live here.  Ever.  And that can be a tall order seeing how I have three dogs.  So aside from keeping a clean home, I’ve opted to use automatic scent diffusers in my home. Disclaimer: always be sure to use dog-friendly oils if you go the scent diffuser route and be aware that some dogs may have allergies or other conditions which make them sensitive to even pet appropriate scents.