The Best Dog Safety Tips That Can Save Your Summer

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Are you as excited to get out and enjoy the warmer months with your pets as I am? Yeah, ya are.  But before you and your furkid fill the dog days of summer with some great outdoor activities, there are a few safety reminders we need to cover.

Use retractable leashes at your own risk; or rather your pets. A sure fire way to ensure your dog gets into areas or altercations he ought not is the good ole retractable leash. You never know when your dog’s sniffer will wander into a mess you’d rather avoid. Or when an off leash dog (or child…kidding….sort of lol) will wander too close. Do yourself a favor , skip the retractable and use a standard leash instead.

Keep plenty of fresh water handy with portable pup water fountains. These handy little gadgets not only lock to prevent spillage but they also clip onto your pet’s leash and have built in water bowls. You never know how clean the public dog water fountains are. So ward off pet dehydration on hot days keeping cold clean water within reach.


Watch out for hot pavement and asphalt. Here’s an easy tip to remember: if the pavement is too hot for the back of your hand than it’s too hot for your dog’s sensitive paw pads. In hot weather save those daily walks for early morning hours or late evenings.

Speaking of hot days, be sure to keep an eye on your pet’s body temperature. Avoid strenuous exercise on days with extreme temperatures; which includes 85-degree days. Keep your dog in air conditioning and in shady places. Also be on the lookout for signs of dehydration like heavy panting, excessive drooling and/or profuse salivation, lack of coordination and difficulty breathing.

For more information on the warning signs for heatstroke visit here.

 • Beware: not all dogs are good swimmers. I’m fact, some cannot swim at all. I once had a bully breed and his combo of short legs and a big belly were not exactly made for the doggy paddle. So always have doggie life vests on hand if you plan to spend a lot of time around large bodies of water. Even your strong dog swimmers will thank you for it.

Don’t skip the pest prevention. Flea, tick and heart worm medications are year round necessities. It is never okay to skip pest prevention. This is especially the case in the warmer weather when the exposure to Lyme Disease increases.

For more information regarding Lyme Disease in Dogs, visit the here.


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