Ciao Chow: Spice Up Your Dog’s Meal Time With Maxbone

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Wonder if your dog ever bores from eating the same thing every day? Same.

As a dog mom of 3 who has been raising fur kids for over 15 years, one of the topics I’ve obsessed over the most is my dogs’ diet. Are they eating too much? Are they eating too little? Are they getting enough nutrients and when, if ever should I switch up their meal plan?

One of the things I love about this blog is the opportunity it gives me to share with my fellow dog moms when I find a product that I love which pulls double duty.

When it comes to my dogs’ diet my latest obsession is Maxbone’s new line of Freeze-Dried Dog Food Nibs.

Maxbone mb ears are superfood formulas designed with your dog’s dietary needs in mind

Over the years I’ve had more than my share of picky eaters, so I have come around to the school of thought, that no one, including my dogs, wants to eat the same boring meal everyday. With that in mind, I try to make meal time exciting for my pups.

We recently tried Maxbone’s three New Dog Food Nib flavors. There’s MUSCLE UP with beef, spinach, sweet potatoes and blueberries. GLOW UP made with turkey, chia seeds, blueberries, carrots and coconut oil. And lastly, BOOST UP with duck, apples, zucchini, chia seeds and ginger.

First I really love Maxbone’s variety of flavors. This provides a consistent way to vary my dogs’ meals and treats without constantly switching brands.

I also love the product size variety that Maxbone offers. You can order their Dog Food Nibs in either the 3.5 oz or 16 oz. Why is this important you may ask?

Well the 3.5 oz is perfect if you are looking to use Maxbone Nibs as training treats, super light snacks or to mix in as a texture change if you normally feed your dog soft food. The smaller, resealable packaging makes it super easy to take with you on the go if you are traveling or spending the day outdoors.

Maxbone Freeze-Dried Dog Food Nibs in the 3.5 oz are the perfect on the go snack or training treats for your dog.
Meanwhile, if you decide to make mb eats a major staple in your dog’s diet, then the larger 16 oz bag is the option for you.

Maxbone’s new mb eats food product line makes for happy, healthy dogs as they are made with no artificial preservatives, no added hormones and are gluten free.
When it comes to the ingredients list for any food or snacks I feed my dogs, I look for the same thing in their labels as I do for the foods I eat; namely, recognizable ingredients.

As with human food labels, the first ingredients listed on dog food/treat labels are the most prevalent in the product. So I was reassured to see ingredients like turkey, turkey liver, beef kidney, beef heart, duck heart, duck necks, carrots, blueberries and etc listed predominantly.

Plus the Maxbone mb eats line of dog food and treats are made with no artificial preservatives, no soy, no grain or wheat and are gluten free!

Mb eats are made with no artificial preservatives, no soy, wheat or grain and are a great gluten free dog food for your pet.
And lastly, Paris, Dylan and Delilah absolutely love mb eats. So whether you are looking for a new meal plan for your pet or just some super healthy and tasty treats, consider giving Maxbone a try!

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Bon Appétit!


Looking for a travel-friendly, gluten free superfood snack for your pup?  Then look no further than Maxbone mb eats!