The Diaries Episode Six: 14 Blog Traffic Truths New Bloggers Need To Know

14 truths about blogging traffic news bloggers need to know
For our final episode we are going to talk all things blogging traffic.  I know for me, I spent most of my first year obsessing about blog traffic.  What is good blog traffic?  What types of goals should I set for my first year?  What tricks can I use to increase blog traffic?

So we are going to cover how to set realistic first year blog traffic goals, what statistics about blogging should new bloggers know and how to increase blog traffic during year one.

Blogging Níches & Blog Traffic

One thing not enough bloggers know is there are certain blogging markets which attract more traffic right out of the gate than others.  In general blogs which are in the self help or how-to markets tend to generate page views at a faster rate than other sites.  So blogs dedicated to entrepreneurialism, finances, financial planning, how to succeed in social media, blogging about blogging, and etc - all see traffic increases faster.

This isn’t surprising as this trend carries over onto social media as well.  Accounts dedicated to growing your Instagram or your small business tend to see an explosion in followers faster than other account types; generally speaking.

Also, in 2020 and 2021 many people began dabbling with the idea of starting a new small business, blogging, coaching or other financial ventures.  

We also have to remember that most most causal Google and Pinterest users are completing how-to searches.  So websites that answer popular or trending questions do well with readership traffic.

Another reason why these self-help bloggers see larger traffic numbers early on is because they have a tendency to focus more closely on creating effective opt-ins immediately.  They produce how-to content on highly searched topics and then give those resources  away for free via opt-ins.

Whenever you create a free product regarding a highly sought skill or solution, you are bound to drive traffic.

It can be frustrating to see articles about “How I Generated 30,000 Page Views In 60 Days” when you are a new blogger as you are not certain if those types of results are typical.  Those are amazing results and they are possible.  But they tend to occur in certain markets.  So hopefully being armed with this information will help to provide some perspective.

Statistics every new blogger should know

Statistics Every New Blogger Should Know

So now that we have covered some blogging market traffic basics, let’s cover some blogging content strategies which will help you to increase your website’s page views.  

1. Blog post with over 2000 words get the most traffic.

2. Blog posts with over 2000 - 3000 words receive more inbound links than shorter content.

3. Blog titles with 8-13 words have a higher click rate.

4. Blog titles with brackets or parenthesis perform better.

5. Blogs which include video content get more traffic than those without.

6. Blogs which feature content bundles experience higher traffic than websites which publish sporadic content.

7. Traffic compounds on websites once it has published 45-77 blog posts.

8. On average, 1 in every 10 blog posts are viral posts.

9. Viral posts account for approximately 38%-40% of a website’s total traffic volume.

10. Websites which use images have more traffic than those who do not.

11. Bloggers who publish 16+ posts per month generate 3.5x more traffic than those who post less.

Realistic blogging goals for née bloggers

Realistic Blogging Goals For New Bloggers

With those statistics under your belt, you are now ready for set some realistic blogging goals for your first year.  My recommendation for some good first year blogging goals are as follows:

1. Publish 50 quality pieces of content as soon as possible.

2. Ensure that at least 30% of your content has more than 2000-3000 words.

3.  Look to generate month-over-month traffic grow of 6%.

4. Generate 2000-5000 pages views per month by the end of your first year of blogging.

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14 Truths About Blogging Traffic New Bloggers Need To Know

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