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3 Ways To Overcome Fear

The March Bonus Blog

Fear can be debilitating if you let it...

It can cause you to miss out on wonderful opportunities, new adventures, new friends and - perhaps worst of all - it can cause you to miss out on believing in yourself.

Being extremely open and transparent, I was absolutely terrified to start a blog...even if it was for dog moms. I've found this community to be the most supportive women on the planet! But, of course I didn't know that back in 2019 when I first started to really take the idea of starting a blog seriously. Back then, I was afraid to put myself out into the public in any capacity. Afraid people would laugh. Afraid I would blog "wrong." Afraid I would fail.

The thing that actually propelled me forward was a small group of real life girlfriends of mine who shared my love of writing with me (I majored in Journalism back in college). I had been taking paid writing classes online in my spare time and then we all decided to take a couple of live writer's workshops in Atlanta together. Once I was back in those formal creative classes again, there was just no way I wasn't going to move forward with writing. Fear or no fear, I was going in!

Now, after 9 months of staring FEAR square in the eye and screaming, "GO BACK TO YOUR CORNER!", I can look back and see 3 key steps I took (knowingly or unknowingly) that helped me to push pass my insecurities and start living my dreams. So here they are...


Most of the time, fear is all in our mind. I'm not talking about the 'walking down a dark alley' fear. I'm talking the 'I have a dream and I can't go after it because I'm afriad' fear. For that kind of fear we all have to take the same first major step: Name Our Fear Monster. We have got to figure out what is the source of the panic.

Once we know the real reason why we are pushing our dreams away, we can compare those fears & insecurities to the reasons why we want that dream. And more than likely, if you are anything like me, you are going to quickly learn that your dream's WHY and the benefits which blossom around it greatly outweigh any fears you may have.


Once you know what you are afraid and your 'WHY', now you to move your dream into a plan. If we are trepidatious about something, one of the best ways to ease our fears is to be well prepared. So do your homework. Learn about blogging. Take business classes. Watch endless amounts of YouTube Videos. Read books. Listen to podcasts. One of the miracles from the age that we are living in is the tremendous amout of resources we all have at our fingertips via the internet. Any dream you may have, you can learn about it online.

And while you are at it, start to continue with a like-minded community. Find fellow dog moms on Instagram. Connect with entreprenuers on YouTube and LinkedIn. Pinterest is filled with blogs on every conceivable topic. And guess what? Those bloggers? They talk back. Most of them would loooove to talk shop with fellow junkies. So get out there and find your tribe. I promise they are nicer than you think.


As the saying goes, 'there is no better time than the present.' So dive right in! There will never be a perfect time to start the blog, open the business, work on the dream. You will never feel ready. And your first version of your dream will never be perfect. So just get over your struggle with "perfectionism." Guess what? That "perfectionism" is just fear tricking you with procrasination. So get it together and get out there.

Thank goodness you all cannot still pull up the first version of the Lindsey & Coco website. Geesh was it cringe-worthy. Even I hated it! lol But I pushed forward and tweaked and tweaked, while I wrote and wrote, until finally I had something I could be proud of. My website is still far from perfect, but it's not too shabby either. And I can live with that.

So now it's your turn, Babe. Get on out there and do your thing. Don't let the Fear Monster fool you or stop you. Because you are capable of great things once you let go and decide to be unapologetically you.

XOXO, Lindsey